Acana dog food review 2020 – One of the best brands!

acana dog food review

Despite the opinion of uninformed people, choosing the right food for your dog is a very important aspect for normal development, and maintaining health. By the way, if you have ever tried to give your puppy a cheap food, you have certainly noticed the gastrointestinal disorders it can cause. One of the dog food brands with a recognized quality is Acana, so for those who have never bought products from this company, we have prepared a short guide with the aspects you need to consider before buying and. Thank you for choosing our Acana dog food review article!

What you need to look for when buying food for your dog

Brand: Acana is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture of feed for dogs, dogs, and cats, based in Alberta, with over 50 years of experience in the field. Their products are awarded and appreciated worldwide, is made from fresh ingredients, obtained from sustainable, local activities, to obtain assortments rich in proteins and other macro and micronutrients important for the health of your pet. So, if the dog food you have tried so far does not rise to the desired level, try Acana products with confidence.

The brand is especially appreciated, but when you buy a certain product of this brand you must not only take into account the opinions about the best dog food Acana, but also the needs of your pet, so take into account age, breed and special nutritional needs.

Type: Acana dog food is classified into 4 categories, namely classic, heritage, regional, or single ingredient.

The classic category includes assortments with at least 50% animal protein, chicken, turkey, eggs, beef or wild fish.

The heritage category includes products with a higher proportion of protein, respectively 60-75%, without cereals and with a low level of carbohydrates.

The products in the regional range are produced from 100% local ingredients, rich in protein and with a low percentage of carbohydrates, while products with a single ingredient use a single source of protein and a small number of additives, being specially formulated for dogs. with allergies.

Nutritional needs: As with humans, dogs have different nutritional needs. They classify dog ​​food according to the age of the animal, but also according to its size. So, Acana provides special food for chickens, where you will find food for small and large chickens, a transition product, which makes the transition to the junior category, assortments for small and large adults, but and for seniors.

Moreover, the company offers two special products, namely Acana Sport & Agility, with 75% protein, aimed at particularly active breeds, and Light & Fit, for overweight animals on a diet.

For those of you who want to know where to find Acana dog food at a good price, the best source is online stores, which offer a wide range of products at affordable prices for all budgets.

Acana dog food review

Acana Adult Dog

If you are the owner of an adult dog, the best Acana dog food for your quadruped is the Adult Dog assortment. This product is recommended for all adult dogs, from small, medium and large breeds, being perfectly formulated to ensure the necessary macronutrients for a healthy life.

The high percentage of animal protein, 50%, from chicken and eggs from free-range birds, as well as wild fish, fresh and without preservatives, are those that maintain your puppy’s muscle mass, and Red Delicious apples, Bartlett pears , spinach, pumpkin pie and Burbank potatoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals, along with seaweed providing a sufficient amount of bioflavonides and essential fatty acids, which help maintain a healthy and shiny fur.

Acana Adult Dog also contains a fast-release energy source, rich in fiber and carbohydrates, namely husked oats, which ensures normal digestion. To ensure the optimal portion for all breeds depending on size and activity level, the package presents the necessary quantities in a feeding guide.

Acana Heritage Adult Mini Small Breed

For those of you who have a medium or small adult puppy, it is important to choose an assortment of food specially formulated for his nutritional needs, otherwise, your four-legged friend could become obese, an aspect with negative repercussions on his health.

In this case we recommend cheap and good Acana Heritage Adult Mini dog food. The 6 kilogram package contains the best quality dry food, made from natural ingredients, without preservatives, so it will not cause unwanted effects, such as digestive problems or allergic dermatitis.

The product has a formula rich in animal protein, namely chicken, fish eggs, which maintains muscle integrity, herring oil rich in vitamin E, which provides a healthy and shiny fur, fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and minerals necessary, as well as fiber that contributes to proper digestion. So, if you are looking for a calorie balanced product for a mini or small adult, Acana Heritage Adult Mini Small Breed is worth a try.

Acana Light & Fit

As we specified in the guide above, puppies also have different nutritional needs, which are determined by age, waist and activity level, and when they are not met, they can become malnourished, and when they are overweight they can become obese.

As in humans, obesity in puppies can be a real problem, primarily due to increased pressure in the joints, a pathology that must be actively prevented, especially in purebred dogs, which are genetically prone to diseases such as hip dysplasia. If you are an inexperienced owner, and your four-legged friend has started to gain excessive weight, it is time to put him on a diet, with the help of Acana Light & Fit food.

This is an assortment of dry food that contains 60% animal protein, which ensures slow digestion, which provides a feeling of prolonged satiety and the development of supple muscles. The product is low in carbohydrates, the only source of this kind being the husked oats, rich in fiber, which ensures easy digestion.

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