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Rabbits can be great pets for both adults and children, and having the best cage for rabbits can mean the world for your pet. Other owners choose to raise them, taking them into account as a source of meat. Whatever your case, you need a good quality cage, and the first proposal on our team’s list is Kerbl Indoor Deluxe, a high-quality product, designed with great attention to the needs of this species, which we believe you will enjoy you discover it. Structured on two levels, this cage is not only safe and easy to clean, but also offers space for play and movement, being ideal for two bunnies. And if you are not fully convinced, we have an alternative: Ferplast Krolik.

Kerbl Animal Cage Indoor Deluxe

One of the best cages for rabbits we can offer you is this high quality model, made from a combination of wood, plexiglass and galvanized wire, ideal for both these larger rodents and guinea pigs. example.

Considering the project after which the product is made, we are talking about a cage for indoor rabbits, because, for extra visibility, the upper part is also made of galvanized wire, on a wooden frame with hinges, similar to a lid, which it can be opened completely to reach the animals, or for cleaning.

At the bottom there is a drawer for easier cleaning. The edges have, up to a certain height, plexiglass inserts, which manages to limit the amount of bedding that accidentally falls from the cage. Inside, there is a bed in which the rabbit can nest when it needs discretion and peace, and a high wooden surface for viewing. The legs of the cage are equipped with wheels that can be locked so that you can easily move it from one place to another.

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

If you need a beautiful, good quality rabbit cage that gives your pet a somewhat decent space for the periods when it is closed, this model may seem satisfactory.

We are talking about a cage made up of 3 parts: a plastic tray measuring 55.9 x 23.62 inches, a steel bar grill that can be completely removed from it, and a wooden extension that will be used as a bed or nest, but which can be completely detached, for example if you want to use the cage to go to the vet.

Moreover, the cage for domestic rabbits that we propose to you, is delivered equipped with all the necessary basic accessories: waterers, food bowl, hay dispenser and a house that can be converted into a platform, thanks to the integrated steps.

Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage

If you need a cage for rabbits, this model will probably satisfy the basic needs of your cute little rodent, provided, of course, to give him regular walks in the house and a lot of caresses.

It is one of the best cage for rabbits, at a good price, made up of two parts: the lower one has the shape of a rectangular tray, measuring 30.3 x 18.5 inches, with quite high edges, so that the bedding is kept, as much as possible, inside. The upper part is a metal grill that can be detached separately, so that the cleaning of the cage will be done very easily. The cage comes equipped with waterers and feeders mounted on the outside, with a retreat box for the rabbit and a bowl for his favorite vegetables. The complete height of the product is 46 cm, and the access to the interior is easy to achieve, thanks to the door with a secure locking system.

Prevue Pet Products Large Rabbit Hutch

Many opinions about the best cages for rabbits claim that these rodents need, first of all, a discreet shelter, in which they can retire if they are scared or if they simply do not want to socialize.

The product we propose to you is a rabbit cage made of good quality, resistant and solid wood, provided with a green asphalt cardboard roof, which protects against the weather. The cage measures 46.5 x 24 x 36.2 inches and is equipped with two areas: a lighter one, with galvanized wire mesh, through which light penetrates, and a better protected one, behind the 10 x 11 inch door.

At the bottom there is a removable tray that allows easier cleaning of the interior. The roof can be opened completely, to allow faster and more comfortable access to the interior. Both the roof and the door are locked with a lock for extra security.

Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Many buyers want cages for rabbits, at good prices, and this model can be a solution for any owner of such a nice and fluffy rodent. We consider it to be one of the best solutions when you stay at home and want to give your friend the opportunity to spend some time outside, in the sun, eating fresh grass in complete safety.

Our proposal is a model of rabbit cage that can be moved in the yard, from one area to another, so that the animal always benefits from fresh and tasty grass and a clean play space. It is made on two levels, the animal can sit on the grass or can choose to retreat to the shelter on the “floor”.

The product measures a total of 25L x 48W x 36H in and is made of fir wood, with a durable asphalt cardboard roof that protects the interior from rain. Another thing we liked are the interior access doors, which help you easily reach the bunny, no matter which of the areas provided he would choose to spend his time.

Buyers Guide

Given that they are small, cute, slightly shy and, contrary to expectations, quite clean (if they have enough space available), bunnies have become not only a source of meat, but also pets, much loved by people of any age. Regardless of the purpose for which you grow them, you will need a suitable cage, which means that you will have to follow certain parameters.

Location: If you live in an apartment, it is clear that you will need a cage of relatively small size, on the model of those for hamsters, for example, but with a size adapted to the size of the animal. Given that, in general, the length of such a cage does not exceed one meter, you must be aware that the animal will need to be released through the house at least once a day.

If the animal is to be kept permanently outside, it is good to opt for a well-insulated cage model, possibly placed in an open shed or other similar space, where it is somewhat protected from weather and strong wind. Such a cage must have thick walls and adequate polystyrene insulation, but also a strong and waterproof roof.

If you live at home and have a rabbit as a pet, you may want to invest in one of those special, large cages that you can use on nice, sunny days for the rodent to grow. he also enjoys some sun, an extra space for movement and fresh green grass, “directly from the source”. You can find such a rabbit cage, at a good price, also having the great advantage that in winter you will be able to easily disassemble it for storage.

Typology: There are several factors that influence your decision as to which cage for rabbits you will purchase. Maybe you want to buy a pet for your child, and then you need a variant that looks good and is compatible with the interior of a home.

Maybe you live at home and want a quality product that allows you to take the animal outside in complete safety, so that it can enjoy the sun and the grass, without the danger of running away or being attacked by a dog or of a cat.

Maybe you are a breeder and you need a product to use when you go to exhibitions. Maybe you simply raise rabbits for meat, and you need cages that are as solid and economical as possible, in which the rabbits will probably live for a few months.

Maybe you are the owner of a pet rabbit and you need a comfortable transport cage, in which this shy rodent feels protected, to make regular visits to the veterinarian.

Materials: In the case of rabbit cages that are placed outside, the material preferred by the producers is wood. What you must remember, however, is that the wood is particularly sensitive to moisture, so it is good to protect it from the weather, either by repeated and periodic painting with natural substances, or by sheltering the piece in a shed or under a roof that prevents rain from falling directly on the cage.

For extra light, wooden cages always have a semi-open area, with wire mesh, which contributes significantly to better ventilation. And if the wood seems too expensive, you can use it only for the structure, for the rest of the rabbit cage, OSB being a possible option.

Because urine tends to eventually soak into wood fibers, many manufacturers have opted for the cage floor to be made of plastic, which is much easier to clean and disinfect if necessary. There are also cages with wire floors, but they are uncomfortable and harmful to the paws of any animal: imagine how you would feel to spend most of your time on a wire floor…

In the case of pet rabbits, which are kept indoors, you need a special cage, and the most common option is made of a plastic floor, with edges a few cm high to limit the amount of dirt, and a “lid ” made of thick wire or thin, metallic bars.

Accessories: No matter where you keep your bunny and for what purpose you grow it, you need some accessories, practically mandatory. It is, for example, a special drip, which will keep the water clean for longer, preventing its contamination with plant debris, urine or feces.

You also need a fan stand. Bunnies have a trait common to all rodents: their incisors grow continuously. Therefore, they need to be able to gnaw, to grind their teeth, and hay is one of the most suitable options.

A food bowl will allow you to administer the daily ration of fruits, vegetables, or concentrates or granules for rabbits.

Given that rabbits are quite shy animals, they definitely need a space where they can retreat, as in nature they hide in the den. Most cages offer such a space, whether it is a pet or a rabbit raised for slaughter.

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