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Best litter for apartments – Best for pets in small spaces!

If you have decided to opt for a pet, dog or cat, you must also take care of everything related to its care, even if you are looking for the best litter for apartments. Many buyers wonder what are the best litter on the market, but do not have time to study the offer; Our first proposal is Trixie Delio, a simple, accessible, practical product, large enough for any adult cat and which helps to keep clean by the high and curved edge, which helps to retain the sand inside the tray. If you are not completely happy with this option, we also have a spare one: Kerbl Cathy Comfort.

Any cat owner knows that the litter box is part of the kit they need to buy just before they bring the kitten home. Next, you can get acquainted with some of the most appreciated models of the best litter for apartments, selected by our team.

Trixie Delio

There are many opinions about the best litter, shared by cat owners, but one aspect that is mentioned in most testimonials is that it is advisable to opt for a model that does not allow the cat to spread the sand throughout the house.

The product we propose to you is a cheap and good litter, made entirely of resistant and durable, cream-colored plastic, which measures 35 x 48 cm and has a total height of 20 cm. Being a discovered product, in the shape of a tray, it is very easily accepted by cats, which could be a bit more reluctant than other solutions.

Probably the most appreciated element in the construction of this product is the detachable frame that can be removed for sanitation. Thanks to it, high and with a curved border inwards, the amount of sand that the cat spreads around, in the process of burying its “creations”, is much diminished. It is most likely the best litter for apartments.

Kerbl Cathy Comfort Litter Box

If there is only room on your shopping list for cheap and good litter, we believe that this product can be satisfactory. We are talking about a product made of quality materials, comfortable to use and clean.

Like any respectable litter with a lid, the product is equipped with a swing door that limits the spread of unpleasant odors in the home. Also for this purpose, in the upper part it is equipped with a carbon filter, which absorbs any molecule of “perfume”, so that your home will benefit from fresh and clean air at any time.

The complete dimensions of the litter are 58 x 45 x 48 cm. At the top there is a handle for easy transport, and a special support for storing the shovel you clean with. Sanitation is simple and fast: open the two side clamps, remove the lid completely, tighten the dirt, then put the top back.

Moderna AA72

It is difficult to choose one of the best litter for apartments when it comes to our non-speaking friends, but if you want an easy-to-maintain device, this option should be on the list of pieces selected for the final decision.

We are talking about a model available in two different sizes: a large litter of 57 cm, usable by two cats, and a slightly smaller one, of 50 cm, for a single kitten. Being made of durable plastic and with high and rounded side edges, it helps maintain cleanliness in the area where it is located.

Another advantage of this model is that it is very easy to sanitize. The piece is composed of two trays, to which a sieve is added, the resulting assembly being a rotary cleaning system, for which you no longer need bags, shovels or other accessories. In addition, you can clean the dishes daily with warm soap and water.

Moderna C802 All in One Litterbox

If you do not have too much space and you want to shoot two rabbits in one shot, giving your non-speaking friend both a cat litter and a play and relaxation space, this is the best litter for apartments for you.

We are talking about a concept that can run for the title of best litter, given that it offers, in addition, a space for sharpening kennels, a cat toy in the form of a fishing rod with a mouse and a soft and comfortable bed for the cat’s nap.

The litter itself is made of durable plastic; the upper part detaches very quickly, simply and quietly from the base, for quick sanitization. in the roof there is a special space for storing the shovel but, more importantly, there is an activated carbon filter that helps to quickly absorb unpleasant odors. Thanks to it, the best litter for appartments can be placed in the hall or living room, so that you can enjoy the treats of your favorite pet.

Curver Pet Life Style

If you want a litter with a roof, one of the most interesting proposals is this model, specially designed to improve your comfort level and to eliminate all the inconveniences that could ever be associated with owning an indoor cat.

We are talking about a covered litter, made of resistant plastic, with an external appearance that mimics rattan braid. Its dimensions are 52 x 40 x 41 cm, enough for any cat, no matter how big it is. But what we especially liked about this product are the accessories it comes with: shovel, door, carbon filter against unpleasant odors and paw mat.

Cleaning the litter is easier than with other models, because the lower part behaves like a drawer. The mat for the cat’s paws, which you can place in front of the litter, “captures” even the most rebellious strands of sand, so no more sand spread around the house! At the top, next to the practical handle, there is a special compartment for the shovel. And if you ever need it, the entire roof can be detached, after undoing the two side clamps that fix it to the base.

Trixie Berto

If you think the best litter for apartments is what you need, this product deserves a little attention. We are talking about a very easy to clean model, made of good quality plastic, with rounded edges and a very good mechanical resistance.

At the top, the litter box is equipped with an inwardly curved frame, which prevents the sand from spreading when the cat scurries. The total height of the litter is 22 cm, but in the front the edge is lower, so that the access of the animal is encouraged and facilitated.

What distinguishes this piece from others, is the structure: it consists, in fact, of 3 vessels: one white, with a sieve, on which the sand is placed, one light blue and one dark blue. Basically, the sand is sifted through a sieve, from one vessel to another, so that the solid residues separate from the clean bedding, which can be reused. This is also a good candidate for the best litter for appartments.

Buyer’s guide

You may be wondering how to proceed, to choose the best litter for apartments, whether you have just adopted the first cat or you have already reached the third specimen. Well, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go shopping, and our team will discuss each of them in the following lines.

Buyers generally start from the idea that the litter is intended exclusively for cats, but there are also litter for puppies on the market. They look and are used differently, the model for cats having as main purpose to give you a sufficiently generous container for the sand in which the cats always dig before making their needs, and the model for dogs with the purpose of keeping the pads perfectly absorbent. The collection of excess fluid that could accidentally reach the house.

Type: There are two main categories of litter for cats: open, tray type, and covered.

Tray litter can have different shapes, but most often they are rectangular. One of the most important elements to follow in their case is the appearance of the edges: the higher they are, possibly slightly rounded inwards, the lower the amount of sand that the cat will scatter around.

For easier access, this type of litter has a lower area near the entrance; in front of it, you can place a rubber mat which, thanks to its natural adhesion, will collect the sand grains that stick to the paws.

If you do not want to invest much, but you prefer a variant that is easy to clean, you can opt for an open litter with a sieve; In her case, you almost don’t need a shovel anymore, being easier to separate the clean sand from the used one, and the disinfection and washing of the vessel can be done even daily, because the containers can rotate and alternate comfortably for everyone.

In the case of owners of very hard-working cats, but also of those who care a lot about eliminating any traces of unpleasant odors, covered litters are recommended. They have a lid that closes them completely, one of the sides being provided with a swinging door for the cat’s access. At the top, there is a carbon filter, in more modern models, which is also very effective for capturing and eliminating odors.

Dimensions: The size of the litter must correspond to the cat that will use it. A 4 to 5 week old chick is perfectly able to learn to use the litter, but it must also be able to enter it… which can be difficult in the case of models with too high edges. An adult cat should be able to adopt the physiological position inside the covered litter.

If you have several cats, and you work from morning to night, so you can clean the litter once a day, it is important to either use several such containers or to opt for a slightly larger model in which to you can put enough sand for the cats to handle from day to day. Cats are very clean animals, and do not like sand in which there is already urine or feces.

A satisfactory litter, if we believe the breeders, has a width equal to the length of the cat, and a length 50% longer than the length of the cat that will use it.

Location: The place where the litter will be positioned depends a lot on the space you have at hand and your personal preferences. Some owners, for example, put litter on the balcony, in the idea that there does not bother any possible smell, nor the sand that the cat can accidentally scatter. Others choose to position it in the bathroom; others have other options.

The place where the litter is placed must be relatively quiet. Cats appreciate that. Also, if you have new puppies or cats, try to find a very accessible place for the litter, at least until the cat learns by heart the space in which it lives. This will make it easier for them to find the place where they need to go.

Accessories: Some cheap litter is sold as such; others are offered as a kit that contains everything you need.

The shovel for collecting excrement and sand lumps is an accessory that no cat owner will miss. Some litter boxes are equipped with a special storage space.

Some of the lids with lids are equipped with an activated carbon filter; choose them, because the price difference is not always significant, but such an accessory gets rid of a good part of the unpleasant smell that could spread in the house.

No litter can be used except in combination with the bedding preferred by your cat and you. Of course, it is not offered with a litter box, but its importance is at least as great. The most commonly available variants are bentonite, sawdust pellets and silicate.

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