What food to give to a French Bulldog

The food of a French bulldog must be adapted according to certain factors, essential being his age, weight, activity level and metabolism, especially since they are medium-sized dogs, with very muscular and active body. In addition, the French bulldog is a very demanding animal and is quite prone to food intolerances and allergies, but also to fattening. It is important to point out that dog food is essential not only for good growth and development, but also for maintaining health, being a key factor in this regard.

What should the food contain?

A French bulldog does not need a large amount of protein, like other dog breeds, but the meat must remain the main ingredient in his diet. It is preferable that about 25% of a French bulldog’s food is made up of protein, but pork and minced meat are generally to be avoided, as they are high in fat. The most suitable meat for this breed is chicken, duck, and turkey, firstly because they are not fatty and secondly because the animal digests them easily.

Carbohydrates should also be part of a French bulldog’s diet, but restrictions on other breeds should also be considered here: corn and soybeans. They are responsible for most allergies that occur in dogs of this breed. Recommended carbohydrates are those from potato and brown rice.

Vitamins, minerals and fiber should not be missing from a French bulldog’s diet – they can be taken from fruits and vegetables such as beets or apples, and not from cereals. Also, the food for a French bulldog must contain taurine, for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, collagen, necessary for maintaining healthy bones and joints, but also Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential fatty acids for skin maintenance. Compared to other dog breeds, the French bulldog, if it does not have lactose intolerance, can consume dairy products.

food for french bulldog

Recommended types of food for a French Bulldog

Because it is a breed that easily develops food allergies and intolerances, it is not recommended to give the French bulldog food scraps, especially bones, or cooked food. In addition, these habits also lead to weight gain, a situation in which you may face health problems. Wet and dry food remain the best options, as long as they are chosen according to his nutritional needs and his breed.

Dry food

Dry food is recommended for any breed of dog, including the French bulldog, as it has the great benefit of supporting digestion and helping to clean teeth.

Wet food

Wet food is a real delight for the French bulldog and, in addition, it is healthy and even recommended for this dog breed, having the benefit of being nourishing and moisturizing. Because, in general, wet food is much richer in protein than dry food, it is preferable for the French bulldog to choose monoprotein wet food.

How much should a French Bulldog eat

A French bulldog must be fed primarily according to its weight and energy consumption, thus avoiding obesity. We point out that the limits between which a French bulldog must fall, depending on age and sex, are between 9 and 13 kilograms. What exceeds 13-14 kilograms is a sign of obesity.

If we talk about a small, energetic dog, it will need 50 calories per 1 kilogram of its weight. Instead, an adult French bulldog will have met nutritional requirements and will maintain a constant weight if fed 60 calories per 1 kilogram of its weight.

Care tips for French bulldogs

A French bulldog dog needs brushing every few days and it is preferable to use a rubber brush or glove because their hair is short and thus avoids scratching the skin. After each walk outside it is recommended to be cleaned with a damp towel and should not be washed more than 4 times a year.

French bulldogs do not tolerate heat and it is preferable to be walked in the morning or evening, especially on hot days.

Because it is a pretentious dog, the French bulldog must be fed with food at room temperature and, in the case of wet food in particular, must not stay in the bowl for more than 15 minutes. Also, the bowl is ideal to be made of stainless steel and must be washed after every meal.

Another aspect that the owners of the French bulldog must take into account is the bowl of water. It must also be washed constantly and the dog must always have fresh water available, hydration being important for this breed.

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